Sunday, 12 February 2012

Things to note during purchase of airconditioning system

Hi to all,

These are some of the things which u may have to note before paying for your deposit or signing the quotation for your airconditioning system purchase.

- Brand
Pls ensure brand quoted is as per your request. 
Some end users are confused between Mit Electric and Mit Hvy Ind, which are 2 different brands with different models.

- System Specs
Check the outdoor unit btu specs. System 3 capacity usually comes in a few btu sizes, 21k, 27k, 36k.
Example :
Mit Electric 3A28 - 3a refers to system 3, 28 is around 28k btu.
Mit Electric 4A38 - 4a refers to system 4, 38 is around 38k btu.

Daikin 3mkd75dvm - 3mkd refers to system 3, 75 refers to 7.5kw ~ 27k btu.
This is based on my understanding of "decoding" the model number for different brands.

- Materials used 
Check the materials used list, is it as what the company or sales person promised?
This is important if you are paying for upgraded materials.

- Single or 2 trips installation
If you are staying in your current house and replacing the aircon, it is usually a whole day job (10am-5pm) for the installation of aircon.
If you are a new flat/resale flat undergoing renovations, you may require a 2 trip installation.
1st trip to install the piping, 2nd trip to install the equipment.
Pls check whether the company do offer 2 trips installation. Some companies may charge extra for 2 trips installation. 

- Extended warrtany
Standard warrtany usually is 1 year for the airconditioning equipment, 5 years for the compressor motor (exclude labour charges to replace the motor).
Installation worksmanship warrtany is usually 1 year too.
Some companies may offer extended 5 years warrt for an additional sum of $.
Do note the fine print/terms & conditions for the extended warrt.
Some terms are 
- You have to engage the installing company for quarterly service contract.
- No other company to service/repair the aircon during the extended warrt period.
- Does not cover wear & tear on piping insulation or condensation issues.

- Price
Do make sure the price covers all items. 
Some commonly left out items are stainless steel bracket and power point.
Is it nett (including GST)?

- Site Survey
If your flat is going to be renovated along with the installation of aircon, i suggest that you request for a site survey before installation. 
The surveyor or supervisor will discuss the pipe routing and aircon blower units location with you.
You may want your Interior Designer to be present too in case some of the aircon piping may pass through built-in fixtures or false ceiling.

Thats all for the day.
I will share with you all some other info next time... (",)
Do contact mi via email : or PM me @ FB (Aircon guru) if you have anything to add on.


At 2 August 2012 at 09:32 , Blogger limestruct said...

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At 3 December 2012 at 02:11 , Blogger nutrendmedia said...

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At 9 February 2014 at 00:25 , Blogger 77 said...

Hi Guru
Can i ask today if we re run air con pipping g23 3pipes x 2m. Roughly how much will it cost in SG context???

At 7 February 2015 at 15:43 , Blogger vincenttay said...

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At 17 November 2015 at 05:01 , Blogger Unknown said...

Nice post,
Yes, I will keep in mind those pointers for future while purchasing an air conditioning system. Thanks for this informative post. Please update us with good info. like this.

At 6 February 2017 at 02:17 , Blogger Unknown said...

Always good to know before you purchase any aircon servicing

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