Monday, 20 August 2012

2 trips installation

I have noticed many people asking abt 2 trips installation, especially for home owners whose house are undergoing renovations.

For aircon installation, we can break them up into 2 parts.
1. Running of piping, trunking.
2. Installation of equipment.

For 1 trip installation,
1. It will applies to those who are currently staying in the house 
2. Those who are replacing their current aircon unit.

If your house is undergoing renovation and u install your aircon in one trip.
The aircon installer will usually cover up the fancoil with a plastic sheet first.
There are some issues which i realised.
If the installation is done BEFORE the painting, then the wall behind the fancoil unit will not be painted and 5-7 years down the road , when you need to replace a new system, the wall will be of a different colour and you might need to touch up on the painting.

If the installation is done AFTER the painting, your trunking will not be painted. Trunking is usually glossy white in colour.
Unless your painter is willing to make 2 trips to touch up or you pay extra $ to the painter.

For 2 trips installation,
It is good as after the trunking is run, the painter will paint the trunking and the wall.
When the house renovations is almost done up, the installer will make a 2nd trip to install the equipment.
This requires coordination between the installer and your interior designer.
So sometimes house owner uses the aircon installer which the interior designer recommends as coordination works is easier.
Finding an aircon installer direct may be cheaper, however you may need to coordinate and spend some time going on site to discuss with the installer on the pipe routing.
If dealing through the designer, you can discuss the routing along with your other services, like electrical power point, ceiling etc.

Some companies provide 2 trips installation free, some will charge.
Market price will range from $50 - $150 for 2 trips installation.


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At 13 March 2013 at 11:52 , Blogger Darryl Iorio said...

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