Sunday, 26 May 2013

R22 gas phase out.

Many users are concerned about the availability of R22 gas.
R22 gas will be phased out in stages, by 2020, it will be reduced by 99.5%.
By 2030, there will be no more production of R22 gas.
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It is still safe to purchase R22 gas equipment now assuming average lifespan of aircon units are between 5-7 years depending on usage.

However, many brands are no longer producing equipment using R22.
Only inverter multi system that uses R22 is Daikin.
Rest are using R410a. (To my knowledge)

So do not worry for now.


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Very informative blog! I knew nuts about aircon til I needed to look for one. May I know what is the exact difference of r22? I'm on a tight budget and a company is offering me $25xx for r22 and $27xx for 410 models.

system 3 daikin with 23g copper piping. 16mm draingage pipe. 1/2 inch insulation. 5 year compressor warranty and 1 year spare parts and workmanship warranty.

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